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SPA Journal | 27.1.2020

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Will you marry me? With a stylish Tiffany’s ring…

Will you marry me?  With a stylish Tiffany’s ring…

| On 23. 6. 2014


A wedding following a previous marriage proposal is an expression of love and a romantic union of life communion. A marriage proposal manifested with a legendary ring by Charles Lewis Tiffany will always be stylish. It is thanks to Tiffany that the engagement ring became what it is today.

In his hunt for perfect diamonds and their brilliant luster, Tiffany presented to the world in 1886 a diamond set into the crown on a ring. The famous ring was named „Tiffany Setting“ and became a worldwide phenomenon just like the Tiffany brand itself. Since then, many see in it the most beautiful symbol of true love. The revolutionary setting of a diamond and its spectacular prominence over the actual ring, thanks to which the gemstone reflects more glossiness, has proved crucial and insurmountable.

The year was 1937, when Charles Lewis Tiffany and his friend established the brand and opened a small gift shop in Manhattan. The store on Fifth Avenue later became the most popular among the romantic souls in New York. The two friends had probably planned to expand the shop from the start, for ambition is in human nature, but little did they know that their small shop would turn into an unparalled empire.

The King of Diamonds, as was Tiffany‘s nickname, was obsessed with the perfect shimmer and shine of diamonds, and so the Tiffany & CO brand with its distinctive turquoise color of Tiffany Blue boxes, enveloping inside breathtaking treasures, became a paragon for the highest quality, emblematic of global prestige, sophisticated style and timeless chic design. In addition to prominent clients, Tiffany´s products acquired millions of other customers who celebrate the memorable moments of their lives with Tiffany´s.

Entrust your confidence in an engagement ring from Tiffany‘s, too, and your woman will entrust her heart with confidence into your hands for a lifetime…