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SPA Journal | 8.12.2019

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La Prairie, when perfection binds with luxury

La Prairie, when perfection binds with luxury

| On 25. 4. 2013

La Prairie, the beauty salon in Karlovy Vary celebrates its 10th anniversary. Do join us in celebrations! Of the entire region of West Bohemia, we can find the only sales representation of this luxury cosmetics, which has its roots in Montreux in Switzerland, exclusively in Karlovy Vary.
The La Prairie products are extremely effective against prematurely aging skin, fighting against problems caused by stress and negative environmental factors. Who would not desire forever to retain a beautiful and youthful skin appearance?

Laboratoires La Prairie, Switzerland, characterizes its cosmetic products as flawless and luxurious, it takes a scientific approach to skin care, and this really shows on the outcomes. The singularity and top notch quality guarantee is ensured by the manufacturing of products using the latest technologies and revolutionary substances. Laboratoires La Prairie was the first to use cellular therapy. All products are based on a unique, exclusive cellular complex (Exclusive Cellular Complex). This complex takes care of the skin, providing it with all indispensable nutrients needed for health and vitality, and defying signs of aging.
A team of salon specialists treats each client individually, every person has a different complexion. This is why everyone who pays a visit to La Prairie salon will be pampered, for your skin deserves the best. The company is also characterized by a uniform pan-European pricing policy. Many a world famous celebrity indulges their skin with these luxury products to slow down complexion aging. Let us look at some of these products.

The Platinum Collection… the concentrated force of platinum

One of the most precious metals is platinum. It lends products energizing power that perfectly brightens the skin. The cosmetics made of a unique platinum collection protects complexion from the loss of youthful appearance, while restoring its natural glow. The strength of platinum can maintain electrical balance between skin cell envelope and its core, so that cells absorb nutrients more efficiently. The skin´s balance and energy prevents the loss of hydration and the skin is better protected against the negative environmental influences that play a negative role in complexion aging.

The Caviar Collection… indulge in luxury

The rare combination of science and effective natural ingredients is what the caviar collection brings. The exclusive element of this luxury collection is beluga caviar, which is globally recognized as the top quality caviar. This caviar is from a rare fish species in the sturgeon family called Beluga. Thanks to the utmost concentration along with the exclusive cellular complex it has unparalleled firming, moisturizing and rejuvenating effects relative to its competitors. Why not have this luxury caviar collection pamper your skin, too.

The White Caviar Illuminating System … care against pigment spots

This collection preventing the formation of dark spots perfectly ligthens, lifts and brightens the skin, it also reduces undesirable skin discoloration. The products in this line are designed to actively defy skin aging, and the associated unwanted pigmentation, loss of firmness and natural glow, the formation of wrinkles and dryness of skin. Immediately after the application of the White Caviar Illuminating System your skin will experience an incredible rush of energy and illumination.

The Radiance Collection… gold standard against premature aging

Laboratoires La Prairie has created a unique technology that preserves the youthful appearance and restores the skin’s natural glow. The products in this series visibly illuminate and hydrate in an optimal fashion. They give the skin the ability to reflect light, using microscopic crystal and pearl particles. Your complexion will be vibrant and youthfully radiant again thanks to the exclusive cellular complex.
What is interesting, apart from the flawless and luxury products made by La Prairie Switzerland, is also the decorative cosmetics and fragrances of La Prairie brand. And still more awaits you at the La Prairie beauty salon in Karlovy Vary. Just as Rolls Royce is the number one among automobiles, so is La Prairie Switzerland number one in cosmetics used for skincare. Be beautiful, be La Prairie…
The La Prairie salon now looks forward to your visit at the Embassy Hotel, where the long history and tradition of this hotel is newly combined in a wonderful way with the Swiss technology of tomorrow, the luxury cosmetics of La Prairie brand.

Hotel Embassy | Nová Louka 21 | 360 01 Karlovy Vary |
+420 724 373 884 | +420 605 250 742